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We explain the information of public transport of Okinawa (southern island of Japan). It is being edited by Bus map Okinawa (no profit organization), not by bus company.
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Recent revistion of this site
3rd Dec 2023Event On Sunday, December 3rd, the 37th NAHA Marathon will be held. From around 8:30 AM to 3:30 PM, various bus routes running through Naha City (south of Kokusai-dori), Tomigusuku City, Itoman City, Yaese Town, and Nanjo Town will undergo detours, partial suspensions, and other operational changes. There might be delays as well, so please take note and plan accordingly.
1st Dec 2023Ryukyu bus Kotsu Due to replacement of Urasoe Sogo Byoin hospital, New bus stop "Urasoe Sogo Byoin-iriguchi" will be start between Maeda-Nishi-iriguchi and Nishihara-iriguchi on the bus #56 and #256.
Bus stop "Urasoe Sogo Byoin-nishiguchi" will be renamed to "Iso-Sanchome" on the bus #99. Infos on this site is not yet renewed.
27th Nov 2023Naha bus Timetables of buses below are changed : #11, #17
17th Nov 2023Limousine bus The timetable of the Limousine bus from 1st Dec to 17th Dec is presented.
11th Nov 2023Okinawa bus Timetables of buses below are changed : #22, #32, #43, #77
16th Oct 2023Ryukyu bus Kotsu, Okinawa bus Number of bus are reduced on the lines below. : #20, #28, #29, #89, #120, #228, (northern area tha Nago city) #65, #66, #67, #70, #72, #76, #78
Until 15th Oct, #72 and #78 are operated by Ryukyu bus Kotsu and Okinawa bus. From 16th Oct, they are operated by Ryukyu bus Kotsu uniquery.
10th Oct 2023Ryukyu bus Kotsu Timetables of buses below are changed on weekday : #21, #23, #24, #55, #56, #88, #90, #98, #110, #112, #190, #223, #256
1st Oct 2023Karry Kanko Churaumi liner will be stopped from 1st Oct.
1st Oct 2023Limousine bus The timetable of the Limousine bus from 1st Oct to 30th Nov is presented.
29th Sep 2023Nago city Nago city bus named "Nago-maru" cercle line run from 17th Sep to 31th Mar 2024 as an experimental service.
19th Sep 2023Naha bus The number of the bus #9 is reduced.
11th Sep 2023Toyo bus The bus #60 is stopped. Buses below are reduced.
#30, #31, #37,#38, #331, 338
11th Sep 2023Naha bus The number of the buses below are reduced. :
#1(weekday), #2, #3(weekday), #4(weekday), #5(weekday), #7(weekday), #8(weekday), #13(weekday), #14(weekday), #16(weekday), #19
13th Aug 2023Okinawa monorail The number of monorail service (yui rail)was increased.
7th Aug 2023Naha bus The timetable of #45, #101 are changed.
25th Jul 2023Limousine bus The number of Limousine bus will be increased from 25th Jul to 30th Sep.
20th Jul 2023Minami Rikuun (Yoron Isls.) From 8th May to 9th Aug, bus also stops at Fukushi center as an exprimental service on Mon and Wed. For the time being, buses don't stop at Home center-mae and Yubinkyoku-mae due to road maintenance. Sorry for delay of upload.
18th Jul 2023Ryukyu bus Kotsu, Naha bus Highway bus #117 stops at Tancha in Motobu town. Timetable of #111 also changes. Okinawa bus company has also bus #117, but Okinawa bus runs as before.
8th Jul 2023Tokyo bus The direct bus between aiaport and Senagajima hotel, named Senagajima hotel airport limousine (TK04) is started. It runs on weekend and holidays.
8th Jul 2023Okinawa bus Timetable of the bus #22 and #77 is changed.
1st Jul 2023Azuma Un-yu (Ishigaki Isls.) The timetable of bus #9 is changed. The number of bus #10 is significantly reduced.
1st Jul 2023Ryukyu bus Kotsu Bus stop name "Namihira-iriguchi" is renamed to "Ryukyu Garasumura". (It means "Ryukyu glass village", in Itoman city)
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