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We explain the information of public transport of Okinawa (southern island of Japan). It is being edited by Bus map Okinawa (no profit organization), not by bus company.
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Buses with tempolary modified schedule by covid-19 (updated 1st Aug)
Ryukyu bus Kotsu, Toyo bus and Naha bus run as usual. Okinawa bus run with reduced timetable at several lines. Other buses run as below:
Yanbaru express bus : run almost as usual (airport line), run by reduced timetable (4 Islands line)
Limousine bus : Until 30th Sep, additional buses run.
Okinawa airport shuttle : run as usual
Karry Kanko bus
Chatan liner : run by reduced timetable, Churaumi liner : run as usual, Senagajima liner : run by reduced timetable, Parco city shuttle bus : run as usual
Miyakojima island
buses for Miyako Shimojishima airport : run as usual
Ishigakijima island
bus #10 : run by reduced timetable
bus #55 : run more than usual
Recent revistion of this site
1st Aug 2022Ryukyu bus Kotsu The number of bus service below will be reduced. : #55, #56, #88, #97, #98, #256
1st Aug 2022Naha bus The number of bus service below will be reduced. : #2, #9
26th Jun 2022Okinawa bus Due to the increasing number of corona-positive crew, buses below run by weekend timetable even on weekdays. If the number of positive people increases more, there will be further reductions.
#27, #34, #35, #36, #39, #80, #92, #93, #96, #227, #235, #334, #339, #385. Buses below stops their service partially : #18, #22.
23th Jul 2022Tokyo bus TK01, TK02 extend their destination to Ryukyu hotel & resort Nashiro beach. New limousine bus between airport and hotel "TK03" runs too.
16th Jul 2022Limousine bus Additional buses run until 30th Sep at all routes of Limousine bus.
16th Jul 2022Karry Kanko bus Churaumi liner resumes. Additional bus run on #55 in Ishigaki island.
15th Jul 2022Yanbaru express bus Timetable of 4 Islands line renew between 15th Jul to 28th Aug on weekend and holidays.
15th Jul 2022Okinawa airport shuttle All buses of Okinawa airport shuttle run.
13th Jul 2022Miyako Kyoei bus Bus #9 runs more than normal timetable.
11st Jul 2022Yanbaru express bus Fare of 4 Islands line renew. 1 day - 5 days tickets are also available from 11th Jul.
1st Jul 2022Yanbaru express bus Timetable of Airport line renew.
From 1st Jul to 2nd Oct, direct bus from airport to Hilton Okinawa Sesoko resort runs. Please ask a hotel for use.
1st Jul 2022Many buses One of the principale bus stop in Naha city "Norin Chukin-mae" were renamed as "Okinawa times-mae".
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